Version: Season 6

Exp: x1000

Drop: 30%

x1000 Online 53

Version: Season 6

Exp: x100

Drop: 30%

x100 Online 191

Version: Season 6

Exp: x5000

Drop: 50%

x5000 Online 102
03 / 04 / 2021
Server start

Dear players, we changed the anti-cheat, changed the connection settings and many other nuances that could call lags on the server, now you can go, be sure to via updater.exe (it downloads you the desired files!)

02 / 04 / 2021
ATTENTION!!! !!! !!!

Dear players, the reason for the occurrence of lags on the FPS for many found (in the code, and not on the server). Tests report that tomorrow we will pay a fix of this misunderstanding and look forward to correcting lags from each player!

In this regard, the server will be on technical work from 14:00 and approximately until 15:00 (perhaps earlier!) After that, the server will already be eliminated with the elimination and bonuses absolutely for each player will be elevated!

Thanks for the waiting, stay with us, we create a high-quality project without a shadow donat!

Now new players when registering a new account receive 3 days VIP account!  When creating a new character, you are given 15 resellers of bonus and stats!  The range of X-Show is also expanded, it is necessary to reboot via updater.exe to change!

28 / 03 / 2021
Update x-shop.

After graduating from the siege, you need to reboot via updater.exe to renew the X-Shop to take effect! (End of siege at 21:00)

27 / 03 / 2021
Drop zen

Drop zen with BC and DS was removed to avoid lags related to him, after the siege there are technical work to eliminate all the lags, the exact date will be reported on Monday.

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